Wednesday, March 16, 2011

kitchen work table.

a month ago, i ordered a kitchen work table to accommodate some of our new and old kitchen appliances and to have a little baking station. there wasn't enough counter space in the kitchen to roll out dough. so christopher and i decided that since we didn't have a dining table at the time, we'd use the dining room as a baking/crafts room.

side note: i do have a crafting station in the dining room as well. i'm using a 4-year-old $10 office depot desk that has seen 5 different homes plus the storage twice around. don't ask me how the somewhat unstable desk survived the trip up. more on that later.

i digress.

christopher thought it would be fun to capture our thought process of how to lay out the kitchen work table. so we decided to share it with you. enjoy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

our dining room.

i have so much to update on our new apartment! but for now, i would like to share our dining room! we have an actual dining room, but we had better plans for it... so for now, enjoy our "dining room" in our living room.

first off, we found a good dining table from a thrift store up in flint. we used it with some lounge chairs i've had for years. but the only problem was the lounge chairs didn't allow me to reach the table to eat... so... new chairs! well... reused chairs! christopher and i shopped around for some dining chairs for a bit. everything is so expensive with such poor quality these days! so naturally, we went to the thrift store. let me rephrase. we went to about 10+ thrift stores within a month. poor christopher. i think he was getting tired of goodwill, salvation army and other various thrift stores.

and there they were. two perfect chairs. waiting for us to whisk them away to a loving home, reupholster them with new cushions and a pretty new fabric.

we just didn't realize that reupholstering chairs for the first time without looking it up online would be a little bit of a challenge... but lo and behold, the new chairs!!! and an awesome dining table. off to the side of our living room...



it is always handy to have a helper. ;)


we found some nice fabric from jo-ann's on sale. always a plus.


with a 50% coupon, we also got the cushion for a good deal. never shop the store without a coupon. and if you have a data plan on your phone, they accept coupons off your phone too! just to go right now, they have a 40% and 50% off coupon that will work aside from the coupons off their ad. happy crafting!

and voilĂ ! new chairs!



our cozy little dining area.


and i finally hung up some paper lanterns i got almost 3 years ago from ikea. :) yay for productivity!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

jeff + christine = ❤

i've been holding back. i know. how long ago since i've took my beloved friends' photos? ... i'm too ashamed to even say.... but i am done! i have finally completed jeff and christine's engagement photos!

these two hold a very special place in my heart. i have known jeff since middle school as the greasy haired stalkerish nerd, who quickly became a very close friend. almost like a brother. :)

as for christine, our encounter was a little more awkward. her cousin and my sister were close friends and two grades ahead of us. what more fun than to take the "younger ones" out to do some shopping right before freshman year at a new high school, right? ... wrong. we awkwardly sat in the back seat of their car, twiddling our thumbs and trying not to make eye contact. i think we might have exchange a couple of words at the end of the day. maybe. little did we know that we'd be the only two asians in the honors classes in our grade. and so another new friendship begins.

with that said, ten years later, here i am, extremely excited for my two wonderful friends! they will be exchanging vows expressing their eternal love for one another before God in just a couple weeks. o happy day. :)








Wednesday, March 9, 2011

great timing

so i tried to get the post in before the clock struck midnight... not right at midnight. :(

two months

and so here it is... it has been two months since my sexy man and i have exchanged our vows. two months since the overwhelming chaos of family disorder went down.

o what a long yet glorious two months it has been.

driving (or in my case, riding) 16 hours from kansas to michigan.
going on a road trip to chicago for the autoshow.
unpacking a 16' moving truck.
getting macy to pee in snow deeper than she is tall.
applying to many, many, many jobs... and no replies.
giving up my promise-to-never-touch-for-anything-but-photography money for my husband and our life together.
the passing of a loving and wonderful grandfather.
working on several homework assignments.
making a warm and loving home with christopher.
coupon clipping, thrift store shopping, and turning off the heat every night just to save those few pennies.

what i wouldn't do to hold on to these beautiful two months God has blessed us with. hey, we may not have jobs, but we get to spend not only the evenings with each other, but the mornings too!

happy two months, baby.