Saturday, October 2, 2010

a new chapter

happy october! ... o my goodness! where has time gone? it's been so long since my last post. i have so much i want to share with you!

this year is my last semester at k-state. i should be graduating in december with an architectural engineering degree! who would have thought?! now that it's fall, its definitely crunch time! halloween is near, which means my birthday is coming up (nov. 2), then off to thanksgiving (we have a whole week for break this year! woot woot!), graduation, christmas, new year, WEDDING, and then...

some very exciting news...

christopher got accepted into grad school at kettering university! he's starting as a distance student this quarter and then after we get married, it's off to michigan for the both of us!

i am so excited to move on to another chapter of my life. i thank God everyday for giving me such wonderful opportunities. i take them all for granted so many times. i don't even realize all that He has to offer. i am truly blessed. i am so scared yet so excited at the same time! michigan is so different from kansas. i haven't lived anywhere but here! there are so many what if's...

what if...

christoher can't find a job up there?
i can't find a job?
my love and knowledge of photography doesn't have room to grow?
people won't accept my photography?
we can't find a good apartment?
we get snowed in?
we live in a bad part of town and didn't know it?
we don't make any friends?
we can't get a loan?
it affects our marriage for the worse?
i lose contact with all of my friends and family?

there are just so many thoughts floating around in my head that i've only gotten about 1 to 3 hours of sleep per night. no bueno!

though my mind may be racing with all of these negative questions, i can't forget about all of the positives. i believe God is just providing me with another opportunity. a challenge. an answer to a prayer. only He knows what will come.


Alison Parker said...

Hi Yen! Congrats to Chris on grad school. I'm so excited for you guys to start your new chapter! I know there's lots to worry about, but there is also so much to look forward to. Plus, you've always got each other! Just let me know if you need any advice about Michigan; most of my family lives about an hour away from Kettering, so I know the area a little bit. We'll always be visiting Michigan, so at least you know you'll have some visitors! Keep pushing through that last semester! You can do it!