Thursday, February 17, 2011


i am well overdue for a post. like 4 or 5 months overdue? yes. yes yes yes. my last legit post was pretty much me venting out to the world. really to not many people since not that many people know i have this blog. well, maybe several people know about the blog but they don't comment? i digress. i was venting 4.5 months ago because i just couldn't bear the stress anymore. i couldn't bear the weight of the world on my shoulders alone. i needed to talk. i needed someone other than christopher to hold me up.

but i didn't feel like i could just call someone up and randomly butt into their happy little lives to complain about my problems. enter: my blog. my blog serves as somewhat of a de-stressing mechanism while still informing family, friends and the occasional random blogger about my life as i see it.

so here, you're going to find a compilation of blogs. everything ranging from my personal life, whether it be my joys or my tears, to life as i see it through my lens is up for grabs.

i hope that i will keep updated with this for at least once a week. i'll just go ahead and set the bar low on that one. hopefully i can get up to at least 4 times a week.

moving along... here's an update on our lives... sit back and enjoy the show.

post wedding

it has been 40 days since christopher and i walked down that aisle and 31 days since we've moved up here to michigan. and what a glorious roller coaster it has been! we've been trying to get settled in, finding a church that where we feel comfortable, getting christopher settled in at school, finding a job for christopher, keeping in touch with friends and family, all while trying to enjoy the beginning of forever together!

right now, christopher is at a job interview. we've been hard at work on this for some time now. we could have prayed more. would could have applied to more places. but really, life has just been a whirlwind of things. i pray so much that God places christopher where he is meant to be.

in God's hands

the day after our wedding, christopher's mother's side of the family met for breakfast at our hotel. christopher's grandpa bill sat by us and told us wonderful stories of his past marriage and his earlier years. afterwards, he took us aside, held our hands and told us he may not see us again, so he wanted to say a prayer with us. he asked God to bless our marriage and our health. while he prayed, i thanked God for allowing christopher and i to have this moment with grandpa bill. i thanked Him for this glimpse into grandpa bill's life and for the example christopher's grandparents have given us.

yesterday, we found out that christopher's grandfather passed away back in kansas. i'm not sure how to handle this one. it's been 18.5 years since my own grandfather passed away, and i still tear up about this. i mean, i was only 5. but i knew my grandfather. and i know he's in heaven. and i know that grandpa bill is up in heaven, reunited with his wife.

i am SO happy that christopher's grandparents get to meet my grandpa. i feel so relieved that my grandpa is able to meet some of christopher's family. it means a lot to me. with those three up there, i know that they will watch over us, praying for us and our marriage. i feel so blessed to have family in heaven rooting for us. it makes the hard times a little more bearable.


we still have many obstacles to overcome in the next few months. find a job. find a church. survive the michigan roads. get christopher up-to-date on his school work. finish unpacking. finish thank you notes. (yea, i still haven't sent out thank you notes from a wedding that happened a month and a half ago... go ahead. judge me all you want.)

however, even with all these obstacles, the greatest obstacle we have yet to tackle is to completely trust in our Lord. with complete trust, we have nothing to fear.


Jami Nato said...

glad you are writing this all done. it's so good to get everything out and just let it sit there...instead of all over your brain. i look forward to more posts...hint hint...