Sunday, July 31, 2011

a new perspective.

so i've been waiting to post this since last wednesday! (i'm so sorry for the week long wait, jessie!) but....

i got a new lens!!!!

confession: i did NOT come up with the title... all props goes to the best hubby in the world. uhh... that'd be MY husband. ;)

anyways, i'm really excited to share this with you. christopher and i decided to make the sacrifice with some monthly payments and starving ourselves silly, but i got my big girl lens! this lens only weighs about 3.5lb, but geez, i am so weak! i can't hold the lens steady for the life of me. practice does make perfect, i suppose.

so without further ado, here it is!!


i took it out for a test run when christopher took the dogs out at 8:45 in the evening, so i didn't have much light to work with, so i couldn't use fast shutter speeds, but i ramped up my ISO and this is what i got. it's not much since my left hand was shaking like crazy.



just an fyi for anyone that's interested/knows about camera settings, these next two pictures were taken at 1600 ISO. not bad for such a high ISO!


and last but not least, the newest member of our family.


he's grown so big! he's bigger than macy, but we all know that macy is the dominant one. :)