Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Halfway Over

Two finals (and a final project) down and two to go!!! I think that my Building Electrical Systems final went well. I was so relieved after the final, that I went out and took some pictures with Macy. I still haven't gotten anything technical down, a lot of my pictures will probably look pretty off for a while until I figure it out. Feel free to leave any tips. I'm always open to constructive criticism and willing advice!

Our Macy is such a sweetheart!!! I could not ask for a better dog. She's only 14 weeks old and 3.4 lbs. I got her when she was only 9 weeks old and 2.2 lbs. She's grown so much! Not just in size though. She's still potty training, but she knows that going in the house is a bad move. She now knows to sit and stay. Now, we're trying to bell train her. Since she's a lap dog, it's hard to tell when she wants to go outside or when she just wants a warm lap to sleep in. If you have any advice on how to train her, that would be wonderful! She's also teething, so "no bite" is a tough command to learn. She's definitely a lover! When you laugh, she wants to jump all over your face and give you kisses, which only makes you laugh more, which means even more excitable kisses. It's an endless cycle!

Macy is such a trooper! She's just a tiny indoors puppy, but when we take her outside in -3 degree weather, she still stays outside until her business is done, and then plays some! I love my puppy so much! I have wanted a dog my whole life, and now I have one!


Anonymous said...

I love getting to see pictures of little Macy!! -Jarin:)