Thursday, August 26, 2010

chase | olathe, ks

hey followers! for a while, i was feeling pretty down and began questioning my ability to learn how to be creative and how to grow in photography. but since class started, several people have told me they keep up with my blog and facebook group page. this warms me up from the bottom of my heart! it really gives me such a boost of encouragement and sense of worth to know that even a handful of people are enjoying my work. thank you SO much! learning photography really means a lot to me.

it's more than just a picture. it's about capturing emotion. but instead of bottling up and keeping it forever, the happiness spreads everywhere! when you see a picture full of emotion, you are encompassed by that emotion. you want to spread the love you see when a father wraps his protective arms around his little girl. you want to reach out to the person overcome by grief and tears. you want to know the story beyond the lens.

here's an update on a photo shoot i did in shawnee, ks. my friends asked me to come up to the kc area to do a family portrait session. i was so nervous! but with a beautiful and loving family like this, you just can't go wrong. i have some pictures of the youngest: chase. he will be celebrating his one year in about a month. when i went to photograph his family, he was already walking! he's honestly one of the most adorable little boy you will lay eyes on.









next up is the rest of the family. I wanted to get these to Jessica so that she could get them printed for chase's birthday.

happy soon to be birthday chase!