Thursday, March 10, 2011

jeff + christine = ❤

i've been holding back. i know. how long ago since i've took my beloved friends' photos? ... i'm too ashamed to even say.... but i am done! i have finally completed jeff and christine's engagement photos!

these two hold a very special place in my heart. i have known jeff since middle school as the greasy haired stalkerish nerd, who quickly became a very close friend. almost like a brother. :)

as for christine, our encounter was a little more awkward. her cousin and my sister were close friends and two grades ahead of us. what more fun than to take the "younger ones" out to do some shopping right before freshman year at a new high school, right? ... wrong. we awkwardly sat in the back seat of their car, twiddling our thumbs and trying not to make eye contact. i think we might have exchange a couple of words at the end of the day. maybe. little did we know that we'd be the only two asians in the honors classes in our grade. and so another new friendship begins.

with that said, ten years later, here i am, extremely excited for my two wonderful friends! they will be exchanging vows expressing their eternal love for one another before God in just a couple weeks. o happy day. :)