Wednesday, March 9, 2011

two months

and so here it is... it has been two months since my sexy man and i have exchanged our vows. two months since the overwhelming chaos of family disorder went down.

o what a long yet glorious two months it has been.

driving (or in my case, riding) 16 hours from kansas to michigan.
going on a road trip to chicago for the autoshow.
unpacking a 16' moving truck.
getting macy to pee in snow deeper than she is tall.
applying to many, many, many jobs... and no replies.
giving up my promise-to-never-touch-for-anything-but-photography money for my husband and our life together.
the passing of a loving and wonderful grandfather.
working on several homework assignments.
making a warm and loving home with christopher.
coupon clipping, thrift store shopping, and turning off the heat every night just to save those few pennies.

what i wouldn't do to hold on to these beautiful two months God has blessed us with. hey, we may not have jobs, but we get to spend not only the evenings with each other, but the mornings too!

happy two months, baby.