Friday, April 8, 2011

first date.

i have failed myself. my goal for this year was to blog at least once a week. and i have failed. it's been over three weeks since my last blog!

since then, much has happened. christopher has been through several interviews, i have crafted many projects, and we drove all the way to wichita to witness our friends become one under God. and let me tell you, it was beautiful.

jeff and christine were so in love! nothing else mattered. that, my friends, is the sole beauty of a wedding. it's not the flowers. or the food. or even the gorgeous dress. it's the love that shines in the couples' eyes! and of course, it always helps when the couple is blessed with so many friends and family that love them both as well. :) sadly, i don't have any pictures from their wedding, but i will have more pictures of what christopher and i have been up to later!

i cherish every financially failing day christopher and i have together before one of us finds a job. we have it pretty easy even though we haven't found a job yet. we have each other. who else gets to spend every morning, day and night with his/her new spouse for three months? if we had jobs right after moving up here, we wouldn't get to spend this quality time together. how's that for blessed? thank you, Lord.

for now, i'll share our trip to the chicago auto show way back in february. ... i know. slacking. but happy!


and into the city!


we had reserved for two twins for the cheaper rate, but when we got there, they said they had some "queen lakeview" rooms available. upgrade! i was so famished, i made a peanut butter, nutella and double decker banana sandwich. yes. we ate it all.


after a 10 second guilt trip for downing that whole sandwich, we decided to go for a walk and save the auto show for the next day. that meant hitting some shops downtown! it was so nice being able to appreciate the city without freezing too much.


and yes ladies, this sexy is mine. look all you want, but he's most definitely taken. ;)


my wonderful hubby knew that we were saving pennies, but he took me out to eat sushi!!! and he doesn't even like seafood. how amazing?!?! yes. he is.


if there is something you must know about me, is that i hate tofu. but my good friend, brian, took me out for sushi once. and he ordered miso soup. and i ate it. and i LOVED it. then he told me it had tofu in it. what?! apparently christopher thought it was ok...


christopher opted for the chicken teriyaki and a cooked chicken sushi roll. i of course had my usual spider roll. surprisingly, christopher's food tasted better! but i still LOVED my sushi. mmm.


christopher had never seen the bean, so even though it was dark out, we had to go! i know these aren't the best pictures, but at least we have something!


it was a little chill, so we ducked into a caribou coffee to warm up. i had such a fun date with the hubs. isn't he just dreamy?! drool.


i, on the other hand, am unrefined. i must slurp up the whipped cream, chocolate shavings and tiny marshmallows before drinking my campfire mocha. mmm...


we did make it to the auto show the next day. i didn't really take many pictures... but here are two for him!


and yes, we did get a couple of pictures together. after all, it was our first date as husband and wife. :)



Ryan said...

these photos are FAB.. still a 50mm?!

Yen Minns said...

i should have mentioned in this post that i used a different lens! it was taken with a 24mm 1.4. i rented it from just to check out the lens. very very nice...