Tuesday, May 24, 2011


i'm back! what a week and a half without the internet will do to you...

at least i had my phone for gps...

so we are all moved out of our old apartment and moved into our new one! much thanks goes out to christopher's aunt ann and cousin craig. these two helped us load up a 17' truck. apparently, we have a lot of stuff. we also had a third story apartment with three flights of stairs. not a lot of fun. when we thought things were going great, and we were making good timing, ann and christopher were putting the last of the things into the truck when ann fell of the back of the u-haul! she broke her hip and was sent to the hospital for the next four days. honestly, she was an amazing trooper. christopher didn't even notice that she fell because she didn't even make a noise. however, craig saw it unfold. we couldn't possibly have had better help and family that day. to drive four hours to help us pack up and then have to go to the hospital all on our account? i just felt terrible.

ann convinced us to go ahead to northville to unpack while craig and ann went to the hospital. she's such a sweetheart. honestly. so christopher's supervisor had told us in advance that he'd come help us that day. when he heard of ann's unfortunate accident, he called up the help of another guy from their workplace, his amazingly strong wife and their cute either 3 or 5 year old daughter (christopher thinks 5, i think 3. we can't decide). she was helping us bring the smallest of boxes up the stairs and helped me push large tubs from the back of the truck to the front for the big guys to carry. :)

so for the past week and a half, i've been unpacking. alone. so really, if you're bored, don't hesitate to call. i'll be here. unpacking. it's the story of my life.

but my wonderful hubs surprised me with internet to the tv yesterday morning... so now i have netflicks! yay for civilization!

tune in for pictures to come.

happy tuesday.