Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a family of four.

we have a very special announcement to make....

we have another puppy!

meet connor.


connor is a 7 month toy poodle. he's scared of everything imaginable, eats like we never feed him, gets into trouble every half hour, runs into walls, and most importantly, he's a lover of my legs. that's right. he loves my legs. when i'm cooking, he has to either sit on my foot or lay behind my feet. when i'm sitting, he needs to be in my lap. when i'm walking, he shoves his nose into my calves every single step of the way. that's just downright crazy. why today, he even started gnawing on my toes like they were his chew toys! either i have some pretty stinky feet or this dog is just straight up insane.

this is all i have of him so far... but just you wait. this superstar will rock my blog just as much as he's rocked our world.


o and please excuse the mess... trust me, it's far worse now that i'm in prime packing mode.


Julia Haiduk said...

He is really cute. He looks a lot like Maggie!

Alex said...

Awwwww! He is adorable! :)